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Jerez Law is a law firm with offices located in both Las Vegas, Nevada and Salt Lake City, Utah. Since its creation in 2019 by founder Isaiah Jerez, the firm has helped personal injury clients fight insurance companies and obtain the justice they deserve. Insurance companies look to save thousands of dollars and get cases resolved quickly, and the person who usually suffers as a result is the injured party. You can rest assured that we will provide you with our full commitment,attention, and personal understanding.

With over a decade of experience as an Attorney at Law, Isaiah Jerez has handled hundreds of cases that have resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of settlements for his clients. These include $300,000 for a bike crash, $600,000 for a neck injury, a $740,000 settlement for a rear end car crash, and a settlement of $1,300,000 for a spinal injury.

Isaiah is fluent in both English and Spanish. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah, and is proud to call himself a Ute. After serving for his church in Santiago, Chile for two years, he returned home and obtained his Juris Doctorate from the Boyd School of Law at the University of Las Vegas Nevada.

Jerez Law focuses on a wide variety of personal injury cases, including bicycle crashes, car or auto crashes, truck crashes, motorcycle crashes, and wrongful death lawsuits. No matter if it’s a minor personal injury or serious loss of life due to some other party’s negligence or carelessness, it is always advisable for the victim to seek a personal injury lawyer or wrongful death lawyer with the experience and determination needed to obtain justice.

Once he’s on your case, Isaiah Jerez will do everything he can to fight for your rights.

Regardless of the severity of a personal injury, the negative consequences affect a person’s well-being, enjoyment of life, decrease in activity, and could lead to loss of income. This is why it’s always important to have someone fight for you against insurance companies, in order to get the just settlement that is appropriate for your injuries and to start getting your life back on track. Whether it’s just a muscle sprain, several broken bones, disc injury, or torn tendons, you deserve appropriate compensation. You deserve justice. The causes of this sort of injury can range from encountering a careless drunk driver, slippery surface, or a workplace hazard that lacks the appropriate warning signage.

If you choose to have us represent you, Jerez Law will stand up to the insurance company responsible and fight for delivery of an amount appropriate to the demands of justice.

Personal Injury

Although they can of course be dangerous to themselves, many people don’t realize just how dangerous large trucks and semi-trucks can be to other drivers due to the weight, force, and speed involved in transporting large vehicles down the interstate. As any good truck crash attorney will tell you, these trucks have to be well maintained and their drivers have to be careful and attentive, otherwise the unthinkable could happen. Truck drivers have to go through an extensive vetting and training process, and are responsible for the regular upkeep and maintenance of their rigs. But despite all the precautions and regulations, sometimes people or things get overlooked, leading to a potentially fatal slip-up. When these types of crashes happen, you will need a good truck crash attorney like Isaiah Jerez who will be willing to stand up for you and push back on the big insurance companies.

Truck Crashes

According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, there were over 52,000 car crashes throughout the year of 2020. 31% of these crashes involved some form of injury to a person, .5% of which were fatal. The sheer number of people driving cars on the road (many of which are distracted by their cell phones) makes crashes of all kinds an inevitability. In each of these cases, the injured party will want to seek out a top car crash attorney like Isaiah Jerez of Jerez Law.

Car Crashes

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Services Available in English and Spanish

Thanks to two years of experience living in Santiago, Chile after earning his undergraduate degree in Political Science, Isaiah Jerez is fluent in Spanish and is happy to offer services in the language. This can be especially useful due to the potentially complex nature of the legal language insurance companies use. They want to ensure their words are very formal and descriptive, and sometimes this means the language is confusing for the layman. This can understandably be even more of a problem for people not as experienced with the English language.

Si necesita ayuda con demandas por lesiones personales, choques automovilísticos, o muerte por negligencia, comuníquese con Jerez Law y haremos todo lo posible para ayudarlo.

If you need help with personal injury, auto crash, or wrongful death lawsuits, please reach out to Jerez Law and we will do our best to assist you.

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