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When you are faced with personal injuries, I will be there to protect your rights.

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Car Crashes

Fighting for Justice

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They want to hold onto it as long as possible.  Don't let the insurance company rob you of justice.

Slip and Falls

Dangerous Conditions

Restaurants, casinos, grocery stores...they often fail to pay attention to the hazards they create.  When they put their customers at risk that leads to injury, they must take care of customers.  Do not let them blame you for their mistakes.

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Elevator Accidents

What goes up...

Elevators are technical machines that require detailed maintenance and regular testing.  Haphazard attention to these machines results in serious injuries that could have easily been avoided.  Holding maintenance companies and owners liable for your injuries helps to assure others will be safe.

Bicycle Accidents

3 Feet Rule

Several motorists ignore the rights of cyclists on the road.  Those motorists believe that bicycles do not belong on the road and violate safety guidelines and laws that protect cyclists.  Holding those motorists accountable serves to enforce the policy behind laws to protect cyclists.


Spinal Injury +$1,300,000

Pelvic X-Ray