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Isaiah A. Jerez, Esq.

Compared to other types of accidents, motorcycle crashes carry a high risk of injury. Motorcycle injuries can also be drastically more severe than injuries typically seen in different accidents. As a result of the intensity of motorcycle injuries, justice demands a much larger settlement from the insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not inclined to help victims of motorcycle crashes. Insurance companies don’t want to pay the necessary amount to cover the medical treatments involved in much more severe injuries. Because of the profit-based stubbornness demonstrated by insurance companies, getting genuinely fair compensation after a motorcycle crash without legal representation would simply never happen. That’s why Jerez Law urges you to utilize our firm as a resource to set you up for a fair settlement.

What Are The Benefits Of A Lawyer For Motorcycle Accidents?

There are an abundance of reasons for hiring a motorcycle crashes attorney. Suppose there are multiple parties involved in a motorcycle injury. In that case, the entire process typically becomes a prolonged and more complicated development. Thankfully, a motorcycle injury claims lawyer has the skills and experience necessary to deal with any additional issues raised by instances involving multiple parties. If you have considered facing your motorcycle accident claim alone, we ask you to reconsider whether you are genuinely personally equipped to navigate the entire process without our expertise. After all, there are many misconceptions about motorcycle accident lawsuits, motorcycle accident claims, and personal injury law in general. For example, a common misconception is that when an insurance company says you are at fault, you must accept their claims at face value along with any consequences. However, this is not the case, and there is often the opportunity to fight for a fairer settlement. It takes the right legal team and experienced motorcycle injury claims lawyer to receive equitable compensation for a motorcycle accident claim. Otherwise, frustrating learning curves and preventable stress may likely ensue if you face it alone.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the lives of more than 5,000 motorcyclists were lost throughout 2019. This [data point] is an increase of 9% compared to 2018. These statistics point to how lethal motorcycle accidents can be, which may signify that injured motorcyclists likely require more intensive medical treatment in general. When considering these statistics, we are further reminded of the importance of getting a motorcycle crash lawyer to handle all aspects of your case. Not only the personal injury side of a lawsuit but also potentially a wrongful death lawsuit.

How Can Jerez Law Assist With A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit may arise when a victim is negligently or intentionally hurt and dies from the injuries caused by the misconduct during a motorcycle accident. To hold the offender accountable in an instance of wrongful death during a motorcycle accident, the plaintiff must prove various points. First, evidence should demonstrate that death caused explicitly by either negligence or intent to harm has financially impacted the victim’s family. Whether it’s proving negligence, proving intent to harm, or proving monetary injury, these are all complex challenges to face without an expert on motorcycle accident lawsuits by your side. A motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial for having a firmly documented case.

`Our primary goals with any motorcycle claim or lawsuit are to ensure that you get the most favorable settlement, save the peace of mind, and can recover and heal from any injury or loss. At the end of your experience with Jerez law, we know you will be glad to have trusted our firm’s guidance. Contact us today for a consultation and more information on the following steps to take.