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Did My Car Lose Value After A Crash?

Understanding Diminished Value After a Car Accident: Navigating Insurance and Legalities Introduction When you're involved in a car accident, the immediate concerns typically revolve around personal safety, damage assessment, and insurance claims. However, what many car owners overlook is the concept of diminished value – a critical factor that affects the financial worth of your vehicle post-repair. This article delves into the complexities of diminished value, the stance of insurance companies, and practical steps to ensure you're fairly compensated. 1. What is Diminished Value? Diminished value refers to the loss… Read More

What To Do With Your Baby’s Car Seat After A Crash?

When baby seats are properly used, they provide immense security during a car crash. But following the car crash, the general manufacture recommendation is to replace the baby car seat. This recommendation is often made regardless of whether your baby is in the car seat at the time of crash. Of course, baby seats are expensive to replace. As part of your property damage claim, be sure to include your baby's car seat, regardless of whether it was occupied at the time of the crash. The insurance company should pay… Read More

My Car Is A Total Loss, Do I Have To Give It To The Insurance Company?

Following a car crash, the insurance company is going to send out an adjuster to inspect your vehicles damage and evaluate the cost to conduct the repairs. If the cost of the repairs exceed 65% of the total value of the car, under Nevada law, the car is considered a total loss. The total loss means that the insurance company will not pay to have the car repaired. When deeming the vehicle a total loss, the insurance company is required to compensate you for the market value of your vehicle… Read More

In A Car Crash? Where Do You Repair Your Car?

When your car is damaged in a crash, you need to determine where to get your car repaired. You have the option to get your car repaired at a preferred vendor of the insurance company or at an autobody shop of your choosing. How do you decide? Well it depends. If you choose one of the insurance company's preferred vendors, the insurance company will generally guarantee the work of that autobody shop. In addition, the autobody shop and the insurance company will work directly to handle any change orders that… Read More

Damaged Car? Do I Use My Insurance Or The At-Fault Party Insurance For Repairs?

When your car is damaged in a car crash you often have two options: (1) have your own insurance company pay for repairs to the car or (2) have the at-fault party insurance company pay for the repairs. There are benefits and downsides to using either option. Before your insurance company pays for the repairs to you car, you must have paid the premium for this option with your insurance company. If you have the applicable insurance coverage, you may have to pay a deductible before the insurance company pays… Read More

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I come from an immigrant father who traveled to this wonderful nation at a young age. My grandmother brought him here because she wanted him to have greater educational opportunities. The path that my grandmother and father set before me has empowered me to obtain a wonderful education and obtain legal authority to uniquely help others. In addition to educational and economic opportunities, the path they set for me has given me the blessing to vote. Our Republic gives power to the people in many ways, including the right to… Read More