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In A Car Crash? Where Do You Repair Your Car?

In A Car Crash? Where Do You Repair Your Car?

When your car is damaged in a crash, you need to determine where to get your car repaired. You have the option to get your car repaired at a preferred vendor of the insurance company or at an autobody shop of your choosing. How do you decide? Well it depends.

If you choose one of the insurance company’s preferred vendors, the insurance company will generally guarantee the work of that autobody shop. In addition, the autobody shop and the insurance company will work directly to handle any change orders that may be issued during the process. Lastly, if there is rental car coverage, the autobody shop and insurance company will work together to ensure you have a rental car during the repair process.

You have the option of getting the vehicle repaired at an autobody shop that you choose. If the autobody shop is not a preferred vendor of the insurance company, then you will have to manage a couple of issues on your own to avoid pitfalls. One of the biggest pitfalls is rental car coverage. You need to ensure that the autobody shop is able to complete repairs inside the repair schedule as agreed to with the insurance company. If the autobody shop fails to to complete repairs within that repair window, the insurance company may decide it will no longer provide rental car coverage, leaving you with a bill for the rental car company.

Just as with any other decision, there are pros and cons when choosing which autobody shop to use to repair your car. If you have an autobody shop that you trust and respect you have the option to get your car repaired there, just make sure you remain well informed during the repair process to avoid any pitfalls.

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